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To be the excellent government

institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"

About Us

Pannala Division Secretariat division is situated at south west margin in kurunegala district in North western province.This division can be considered as a large administrative division in the district.

This consists of area of 275 square kilometres and the electorate division is the katugampola electorate division.The local Government authority is the Pannala Pradeshiya Sabha.It controls by 3 sub offices as Hamangalla, Yakwila and Makandura.This division is sub divided into 3 korala as Eastern, Western and Pitigal koralaya.

Most of people are living in main town areas.The majority of the people are Sinhalees Buddhist and very few are Tamil, Muslim and Berger.Population is this division 133738.

At the beginning pannala division secretaiet has operated as a sub office of the Kuliyapitiya divisional secretariat division has consisted with 22 Grama Niladari divisions.It was converted to a sub AGA office in 1976 and a divisional secretariat in 1990 consists with 87 Grama Niladari divisions.

Geographic Situation

Eastern  equator 230-250 and North equator 100-140 in the 1:63360 scale map.There  are 205 villages in the 87 Grama Niladari division and it is centered with Pannala city and with other two cities Giriulla and Makandura.

Eastern border is the Maharagama bridge soon after the 19th mile stone in kurunegala Negombo main road. Souther boader is the village Hemudawa along the beautiful Ma oya flowing from the eastern to western boarder. Eastern boarder gradually extends into the Northern boarder to the southern boarder of the Kuliyapitiya division secretariat division. Where the western boarder extends to the Northern boarder through the villages Lansigodella, Singakkuliya, Hettirippuwa and Mallawa.Northern boarder extends to village Katugampola including Hundirapola, Ravita, Gallehemulla and Nabiriththankadawara.

Division secretariat division Kuliyapitiya East and Kuliyapitiya West are connected in the Northern side of the Pannala division.Southern boarder across the Ma oya Divulapitiya and Meerigama Division secretariat divisions are situated. Narammala Division secretariat division is situated in the Eastern boarder where as the Dankotuwa Division secretariat division is situated in the Western boarder of Pannala Division secretariat division.

Historical Information

There are several ancient stories on the historical background of the city of Pannala. During the ruling time of Protugal they have built in camps and the place where they chased out was called as Pannala today.

Another story is that about 100 years ago it was a mudded place and filled with lot of "Pan" with potatoes and therefore it was called as Pannala.

Also there are several historical important places in the Pannala Division secretariat division as,

  • Maddepola Ancien Temple
  • Wanamandawa Ancien Temple
  • Bopitiya Sri Sudarshanaramaya
  • Waththegedara Muruthenge Kanugala Temple
  • Kotuwella Ambalama

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