Designated officer  - Mr. R.M.S. Bandara

                                Divisional Secratary                             

                                Divisional Secretariat                                     


Telephone               - 037-2246038

If you want to know some of the information from this office follow the below procedure.

  • Filling in the form for requesting information and providing it to the information officer of the office.
  • You can request information through Telephone, e-mail or fax
  • information can be provided within 14 days
  • Information can be obtained from government approved rates if the fee is to be paid.

Informations are  not available for followings -

  • Personal Information
  • Information provided by a third party
  • Information related to state secrets

If you are unsatisfied with the details you receive, you can submit an appeal to the designated officer.

Click Here to download the applicaion form

Click Here to download Right to Information Act

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